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Johnny McCuaig Band

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The Johnny McCuaig Band is a Canadian band. Don’t worry, they don’t sound like Nickelback, Justin Bieber, or Drake. Instead, they draw on Canada’s rich, cultural mosaic to create a super fun blend of hard rock, pop, new wave, folk, and blues combined with their not-so-secret weapon: bagpipes! TJMB exemplifies the honest, hard working, and proud (yet humble) spirit of Canada.

Offstage, The Johnny McCuaig Band is your neighbour who shovels the driveway and mows the lawn while you’re away on vacation. And when they’re onstage, they work their butts off to consistently thrill fans with their one-of-a-kind live show that bursts with energy and positive vibes. With the release of their stunning 2015 album Hold Fast (produced by Juno Award winner Jason Plumb) TJMB proved they mean business.

To truly get the full Johnny McCuaig Band experience, you HAVE to see them live onstage. Live, their brand of melodic ear candy becomes a feast for the senses. Bagpipes, a kilt, crunching guitars, a hip-shaking rhythm section, and boundless energy makes for one hell of a show. With high profile gigs at the Fremont Street Experience in Las Vegas and the 2013 Grey Cup Festival under their belt, TJMB is set on expanding the McCuaig Brigade around the world.

It’s not Celtic. It’s not Pop. It’s not Alternative. It’s everything. It’s TJMB. The McCuaig Brigade is a party and you’re invited!