• Blues on Whyte (map)
  • 10329- 82 Avenue Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T6E 1Z9
  • Canada

Come on down to Blues on Whyte and help support one of our own. We are having a fundraiser for our former doorman Chuck Burch. 

Life was going great.  In September of 2015, Chuck and his wife, Tamara, celebrated the fact that he was three years cancer free.  A fantastic feeling, as anyone who has been touched by cancer knows that the five year mark is a big, fat goal to attain, and they were over half way there.  About a month later, in October, they found out that their four kids, aged 11, 8, 2, and 9 months, would be expecting one last sibling, baby #5, due on Canada Day, 2016!  So much exciting news! 

Unfortunately, that high came to a crashing low when, two weeks before Christmas, Chuck and his family were devastated to receive the news that when they had celebrated him making the three-years-cancer-free milestone, it wasn’t actually true.  His cancer had returned - this time in his left leg, and it would have to be amputated.  On January 8th, he had his leg removed, approximately 8 inches above the knee, and although the biopsy results haven't yet come back, his surgeons remain confident they got it all.  Chuck is now a month into his rehabilitation and will soon be fitted for his first prosthetic leg.