Andre Bisson Band

When one thinks of all the great performers of soul and rhythm & blues music, one doesn’t usually associate it with a young man from Northern Ontario – until they meet Andre Bisson. The award winning composer, arranger, guitar player and vocalist is one of the hardest working musicians around. Soulful, talented and sharp Bisson was clearly born with a passion for music and performing, as well as the smarts and talent to pull it all together and build a large following in Southern Ontario and beyond.

This Hamilton-based band’s horn-based retro soul moves markedly forward with an
all-original program by Bisson, the bandleader, vocalist and guitar player and sometime piano player. One listen, though, will tell you that he has a fine group of willing accomplices on board. Add in a couple of guests and you can transport yourself right back to the Club Bluenote. “Bad Scene” serves up a slab of funk for the opener. “Wasting Time” & “Timeless Love” keep the groove going with gorgeous melodies, something Bisson excels at.

– John Valentyn – Toronto Blue Society – Maple Blues Magazine