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Blast from the Sun:

Our missions is to Create, compose, make new original music and promote ourselves with honour through playing gigs constantly. Opening new doors and opportunities for our music, making friends along the way and meeting new people in the industry, we are a dedicated group of musicians set out to aspire from the learning experience we get from each other and others through the practice of music.

What: We are is a three piece band, Guitar/vocals, bass and drums. We were all original composition makers until we recently decided to do some covers, because it’s a good relation to our crowd. We find that original composition is very important in ones self, it evolves a part of identity and self-actualization.

Where- We come from Gatineau, Quebec, although Ottawa is a twenty minute walk away, we are an English speaking band and we write most of all our music in our language of origin, English. We are still all young at the ages of 22, 23, 24 and are currently going to the studio to make an album.

When-This story is simple, like most bands we formed in high school at the age of 16, at that point and time our band was called The Mad Ends, and we had more members in our band at that time. Our bassist who recently just took a leave (Ryan ) was in another band at the time of high school and when we all finished, certain members of the mad ends left, and Ryan’s old band broke apart, so we humbled him in and he became our basis for Blast From the sun. Our band name was officially brought together and formed in 2010. Our original members consist of Justin (Guitar) and max (Drummer boy)who were apart of the mad ends, and are now gone from Blast form the sun, these two were the original members. We officially copyrighted about 12 of our songs, including our band name and such in 2012. We felt as though this was a good establishment for the beginning of ours dreams. Recently with Ryan’s leave, we have found our new basis Adam!

Official members:

Justin- Guitarist/vocalist
Andrew laport- Drummer

Why: Why not? We love music, we live and believe in music, it has become a way of life for us, we’ve been constantly jamming since our ages of 16 and now were at the point where even though we’ve been jamming for some time now, where only more dedicated to accomplish more. There’s room for mistakes along the way, that how one learns, but the quest is not impossible, it takes time and devotion to get where you want to be.

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