Boogie Patrol


Boogie Patrol has steadily built their reputation as one of Western Canada’s premier Funk, Soul & Blues Rock bands. Since their formation in Edmonton in 2007 they have opened for blues legends such as Buddy Guy, and The Fabulous Thunderbirds. A featured act on some of the West’s finest roots music festivals. The band has garnered acclaim and an enthusiastic following on the strength of their high-energy live shows and their dedication to excellent musicianship and charming stage presence.

While charismatic vocalist Dan Shinnan’s blazing harmonica punctuates Yuji Ihara’s savvy compositions, and anchored by the thick, head-bopping bass of Nigel Gale, Boogie Patrol creates a grooving, propulsive pocket that fills dance floors to capacity and beckons even the most sensible of patrons to join in the enthusiasm.

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