West Australian Blues/roots/indi artist Toby is so much more than your average singer-songwriter. She powers through each live performance with her own lyrical talent and fierce, dynamic vocals, with audiences revelling in the genuinity and honesty of both her songwriting and her performance. Her compelling vocals and the way in which she captures her audience can’t be explained but just needs to be heard and seen. Her live performance truly is a treat. Toby is passionate, raw, fun and powerful, with a mix of soul, blues, folk, rock and a splash of gypsy hick.

Music is a cold beer on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It’s a hot chocolate warming you on a winters day. Its like sky-diving over the Alps, its the heartbreak, the falling in love, then the heartbreak again. Its the excitement of really feeling emotions in their most raw state. Its travel, its culture. Its the one thing that can really bring us all to the same level. It bulldozes down all barriers. Its the soul of what i do.