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Billy Joe Green would like to retire, but the phone just keeps on ringing. Calls from across the country keep Billy Joe & his small but very aggressive sounding band busy every year.

The telephone also rings locally from Winnipeg, Lake of the Woods, Fort Frances, and Thunder Bay areas.

As one of Canada's premier blues guitar slingers, Billy Joe earned his rambunctious, no frills approach to the guitar honestly, as a hard drinking, swaggering sideman for countless other than main stream configurations of bluesy, rocking, high voltage, loud and progressive bands. He's worked with the drive & passion that would frustrate most musicians throughout western Canada and for a time in the western USA, patiently & diligently trying to find a place for his music. Billy Joe has been described as "an incredible talent, diverse and well-traveled musician" by SCENE Roots & Blues Magazine, a description that is well earned.

Three decades later, a clean & sober Billy Joe and his 3 CD efforts, have all been nominated for a Juno Award. Along with a five win sweep at the 2006 Winnipeg Blues.com Music Awards, two Best Blues CD Awards at the 2006 and 2009 Aboriginal People's Choice Awards, the Best Male Artist at the 2002 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, a Best Aboriginal Recording Award at the 2001 Western Canadian Music Awards and countless other nominations, Billy Joe still pursues his love, passion and devotion for the electric guitar.

He is preparing to take a new direction on his next effort, perhaps re-arranging & recording songs he had written when his children were young.

This 7th album, just released, has come to fruition and goes under the title 'Swingin' Tomahawk'. A respectful nod to Anishinabe Alex Parenteau & his Swingin' Tomahawks, who performed a concert at the residential school Billy Joe was forced to attend. This performance gave Billy Joe some welcome relief from his life & death situation & inspired him to be a guitarist like Anishinabe Junior Bruyere, Alex' right hand man at the time.

Also inspiring was the patient understanding to his musical artistry by his family & children, who all remain very close to Billy Joe. "This is the music I wrote & thought would give my folks financial security, way back when my dream was to be a signed artist. Those plans changed drastically & now my independence as a recording artist is paramount to any of those old ideals now. Meegwetch for that, Creator!"