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  • 10329 82 Avenue Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T6E 1Z9
  • Canada

Although learning traditional Ukrainian folk music (and instruments) at a very young age would set the stage for his talents, it would ultimately be the guitar that would become his passion. This would soon lead to the creation of Ukrainian band, Zhyto followed by a stint in Saskatoon ska band, Misterfire, becoming recognized as a reliable session musician, opera lessons at the University of Saskatchewan and eventually a position as a music educator to a studio of over 50 students. Understandably, all of these significant moments in the career of Jordan Welbourne would culminate and blend to produce his signature, self defining sound.

Taking the stage for the very first time to a crowd of 10,000 opening for Tyt I Tam at Dauphin, Manitoba’s National Ukrainian Festival; Jordan Welbourne would continue to maintain that momentum opening for notable acts such as Pop Evil, showcasing at several notable Saskatchewan festivals and events all while preparing to embark on his fourth Western Canadian tour in less than a year. 

Releasing his debut EP, Reach Out o n April 29th, 2016 and its commercially successful single, Rattlesnake Jake soon thereafter - Jordan Welbourne is now armed and ready to soldier on with his solo work. Strong material that continues to receive recognition and praise from audiences and media alike. 

While it’s no shock that the solo career of Jordan Welbourne has been a lifelong destination; it’s the music he creates that continues to forge new paths with its stark ingenuity and unforgettable craftsmanship! ~ Taron Cochrane Entertainment