• Blues on Whyte (map)
  • 10329- 82 Avenue Northwest
  • Edmonton, AB, T6E 1Z9
  • Canada

Über Funk Orchestra pays tribute to George Taylor and the House of Payne! There was a time throughout the 90’s and the early part of the millennium when a somewhat popular blues band , based out of Calgary was making there rounds throughout western Canada. The House of Payne was on the road playing to feverish crowds of dancers and patrons alike that would come support there local digs, and have a great time dancing to some really tight and unique arrangements of familiar R&B tunes. These arrangements were the soul creation of Mr. George Taylor, who relocated to Canada in the late 80’s from Florida. Meeting up with seasoned veteran drummer and shuffle master Jimmy Payne, they went on to form House of Payne. The band toured for over a decade until Jimmy decided he needed to stay close to home due to a battle with cancer. George along with long time band mate Kristopher Craig went on to form another Funk, Soul, R&B project called Stepchyle, which once again featured some very tight original arrangements of familiar and abstract Funk along with George’s original material. The band continued touring until 2009 when the tensions and expense of running an 7-11 piece band finally had taken its toll. The years have past by and unfortunately George has suffered 2 strokes since. Kristopher went on to work on cruise ships and has been traveling abroad ever since. Since Kristopher has been on the ships he has taken the opportunity to write down these arrangements of George’s and will be bringing them to the stage in Alberta, as the Über Funk Orchestra pays tribute to the George Taylor and the House of Payne.This tour was set up to help raise some funds for George, as well to bring his great arrangements back to life, even if just for a short moment in time. Come join the Über Funk Orchestra as they will be performing at. Calgary Mikey’s on 12th Dec 7 Red Deer the Vat Dec 8 Blues on Whyte 10, 11